Board of Regents

HB 1024Lee Medicine and Science Hall appropriation for increased costs.
HB 1025Building authorization for the Board of Regents.
HB 1026Scientific research equipment matching funds.
HB 1027South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship Fund appropriation for fiscal year 2007.
HB 1028South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship Fund appropriation for years 2005 and 2006.
HB 1029Board of Regents appropriation for various women's facilities for Title IX compliance.
HB 1177Active duty armed services members eligible for resident tuition.
HB 1219Competitive research grants appropriation.
SB 34Board of Regents appropriation for manure digestion system.
SB 35Board of Regents appropriation for Cottonwood Research Station.
SB 36Board of Regents may accept a gift of land from the South Dakota State University Foundation.
SB 116Richard Hagen-Minerva Harvey memorial scholarship revised provisions.

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