HB 1076Indemnification of public officers and employees, the maximum amount increased.
HB 1077Alcoholic beverage licensees, criteria for video lottery establishments revised.
HB 1086Voter registration by private entity regulated.
HB 1087Private entity voter registration regulated.
HB 1099Publication and distribution of municipal, county, and school district minutes.
HB 1108Excess tax levy opt out limited.
HB 1117County may file certain liens when children are placed in the county's care.
HB 1126Unemployment insurance compensation fund for political subdivisions, restriction modified.
HB 1132County board of mental illness composition.
HB 1145Personal property tax replacement program.
HB 1198Records of weed and pest control board may recorded when related to real property.
HB 1199Specify when orders for weed and pest control terminate
HB 1200Planning commission decisions may be appealed.
HB 1206Noncommercial motor vehicle license plates.
HB 1239Coroner's fees set by county commission.
HB 1240Notice of certain tax equalization decisions to be published.
HB 1265County redistricting.
SB 37Mosquito prevention and control program continued.
SB 86Deputy coroners compensation revised.
SB 99Bank franchise tax may be prepaid.
SB 105Surplus property, consistent local procedures for disposal.
SB 111Administrative decisions take effect upon the passage of motion by governing body.
SB 127Alcoholic beverage wholesale tax increased.
SB 145Video lottery machine placement revised.
SB 171Public officials may not vote on issues that cause a conflict of interest.
SB 189Association of County Commissioners appropriation for the coordination of 911 services.
SB 205Referral to a vote of municipal and county actions.

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