Sales Tax

HB 1033Tax liability of sellers who agree to collect tax under the Streamline Sales Tax Agreement.
HB 1040Sales and use tax exemptions repealed.
HB 1043Prepared food defined for sales and use tax purposes.
HB 1044Sales and use tax refund procedures revised.
HB 1100Cattle and swine semen exempted from sales tax.
HB 1122Contractor's excise tax, sales and use tax refunds.
HB 1128Revise the definition of agricultural purposes as it relates to sales tax.
HB 1142Material fabricators sales and use tax refund.
HB 1153Exempt certain items used in pesticide application from sale tax.
HB 1180Business improvement districts and tax exemptions modified.
HB 1181Amateur sports officials exempt from sales tax.
HB 1210Cooperatives exempt from sale and use tax on certain services.
HB 1214Sales tax on food refund appropriation.
SB 100Sales tax on food refund program rule-making authority clarified.
SB 115Food tax rebate program revised.
SB 155Sales and use tax exemption for certain political subdivisions.
SB 165Political advertising taxed.
SB 187Elderly and disabled persons tax refund appropriation.

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