HB 1038Alcoholic beverage licensee training program responsibility revised.
HB 1050Wholesale resident bait dealer license required of certain persons.
HB 1093Nonpublic school students may participate in interscholastic activities at other nonpublic schools.
HB 1117County may file certain liens when children are placed in the county's care.
HB 1174Child endangerment resulting from driving under the influence.
HB 1185Indian Child Welfare Act requirements adopted.
HB 1193Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.
HB 1194Alcoholic beverage licensees, notice required before civil penalty for subsequent violations may be imposed.
HB 1222Child neglect and endangerment established as crimes.
HB 1223Establish a public works employment program for Native American youth.
HB 1226Child custody proceedings to comply with Indian Child Welfare Act.
HB 1229Family day care provider standards.
HB 1258Abuse or neglected child definition revised.
SB 54Abused or neglected child, expedited hearing procedure clarified.
SB 55Abused or neglected children, provide a preference for placement with a relative.
SB 57Residential treatment center established as a child welfare agency.
SB 60Child support, methods to determine revised.
SB 74Snowmobile drivers, operation restricted.
SB 123Joint legal custody of children.
SB 133Past due child support paid to Department of Social Services from legal proceedings.
SB 166School must provide medically accurate health instruction.
SB 178Interdisciplinary child information teams.
SB 193Abortion restricted for unemancipated minors and incompetent females.

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