Department of Game, Fish, and Parks

HB 1048A nonresident violator of game, fish and parks laws may be required to post bond.
HB 1049Shooting preserves permit process modified.
HB 1050Wholesale resident bait dealer license required of certain persons.
HB 1051Fish hatchery and facility infrastructure to be constructed and modernized.
HB 1103Conservation officers restricted from entry on private land without permission.
HB 1146Nonresident fishing license fees increased.
HB 1197Artificial lights to hunt or locate wild animals restricted.
SB 42Park license required for additional areas.
SB 91Free admission to South Dakota state parks and recreation areas for military personnel.
SB 122Conservation officers entry restricted on certain private land without permission.
SB 190Game, Fish and Parks may not issue licenses over the internet that can be sold by license agents.
SB 191Game, Fish and Parks may not require the of use electronic or telephonic methods to issue licenses.
SB 212Hunting, fishing, and park entrance fees limited.

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