Civil Procedure

HB 1080Petitioner notified when an ex parte protection order is served.
HB 1104Medical malpractice damages limited for podiatrists.
HB 1120Eminent domain judgement, percentage for judgement to exceed offer modified.
HB 1148Health care provider statements may not be used in malpractice actions.
HB 1155Liquefied petroleum gas equipment and appliances defined as a product for determining product liability.
HB 1221Offers of judgment may be made by either party.
SB 61Eminent domain power may be used for limited purpose.
SB 133Past due child support paid to Department of Social Services from legal proceedings.
SB 144Personal liability limited for persons in certain corporations.
SB 146Professional corporations and practitioners, time limited for bringing actions.
SB 201Construction defect resolution procedure.

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