Professions and Occupations

HB 1062Counseling, marriage, and family therapy licensing requirements changed.
HB 1089Massage therapists regulated.
HB 1092Commercial real estate broker lien.
HB 1101Contracts in restraint of trade, exception for insurance agents.
HB 1104Medical malpractice damages limited for podiatrists.
HB 1106Mental health proceedings, duties of licensed professionals revised.
HB 1147Home inspectors required in the sales of residential property.
HB 1148Health care provider statements may not be used in malpractice actions.
HB 1172Athletic trainers licensing revised.
HB 1173Athletic trainers license revocation, suspension, cancellation.
HB 1175Physicians may recover payment from patients receiving personal injury damages.
HB 1212Professional and occupational boards reformed.
HB 1255Health care providers, institutions, and payer may decline to perform health care services.
HB 1256Residential contractors regulated.
SB 68Estheticians licensing revised.
SB 82Real estate brokers may appoint agents within office to represent separate parties.
SB 83Real estate disclosure statement revised.
SB 89Dental hygienists evaluation period increased.
SB 131Hyperbaric oxygen therapy covered by insurance and medicaid.
SB 132Midwifery regulated.
SB 144Personal liability limited for persons in certain corporations.
SB 146Professional corporations and practitioners, time limited for bringing actions.
SB 153Dental hygienists may perform limited services.
SB 162Medical licensure requirements exception under extraordinary circumstances.
SB 179Revise certain provisions related to the practice of occupational therapy.
SB 182Lien for commercial real estate broker.
SB 201Construction defect resolution procedure.
SB 209Dental tuition reimbursement program participation increased.

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