Concurrent Resolutions

HCR 1001Canadian cattle import ban.
HCR 1002Pledge of Allegiance.
HCR 1003Thomas A. Daschle honored.
HCR 1004Taiwan-United States trade agreement.
HCR 1005Taiwan membership in World Health Organization endorsed.
HCR 1006Concurrent resolution requesting the federal government to assist in funding the United Sioux Tribes Center for Geographic Information System Resources.
HCR 1007Concurrent resolution requesting Congress to provide the same veterans benefits to National Guard members as to regular service members.
HCR 1008Country of origin labeling.
HCR 1009Concurrent resolution requesting the Corps of Engineers to accept certain Missouri River conservation measures.
HCR 1010Umbilical cord blood donation to support research.
HCR 1011Concurrent resolution urging that freedom of religious expression is maintained in public schools.
HCR 1012Concurrent resolution urging closure of the School of the Americas at Ft. Benning, Georgia.
HCR 1013Concurrent resolution requesting Congress to address siltation problems in Missouri River reservoirs.
HCR 1014South Dakota Rodeo Association day.
HCR 1015Concurrent resolution recommending policies for better communications between the Department of Game, Fish and Parks and landowners.
HCR 1016Concurrent resolution urging Congress to fund a Sioux Nation Cultural Center.
HCR 1017Interim study on interscholastic activities.
HCR 1018Request congressional delegation to support federal multi-emission reduction legislation.
HCR 1019Concurrent resolution urging efforts to improve communications and resolve complaints among landowners, sportsmen and the Department of Game, Fish and Parks.
HCR 1020Concurrent resolution supporting a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution.
HCR 1021Native American performing arts and events center, support expressed.
SCR 1Crazy Horse Memorial recognized.
SCR 2Youth mentoring programs supported.
SCR 3Pregnancy and infant loss remembrance proclamation.
SCR 4Concurrent resolution requesting the USDA Forest Service to adopt the Healthy Forest Alternative on the Black Hills National Forest plan.
SCR 5Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Act, congressional support urged.
SCR 6Concurrent resolution supporting the development of hydrogen.
SCR 7Requesting Congress to provide funding for Community Services Block Grant.

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