HB 1007Voter registration, requirements revised.
HB 1008Absentee voting, procedure revised.
HB 1084Home rule charter special elections, when an election shall be called is changed.
HB 1085Registering and assisting voters, method of payment regulated.
HB 1086Voter registration by private entity regulated.
HB 1087Private entity voter registration regulated.
HB 1097First class municipalities may use special elections to fill vacancies on the governing body.
HB 1107Municipal elections, certain procedural challenge repealed.
HB 1108Excess tax levy opt out limited.
HB 1110Absentee voting permitted on day of election.
HB 1265County redistricting.
HJR 1001Constitution amended to define marriage.
SB 7Road district election notice requirements revised.
SB 8Electronic voting, voter tabulation systems regulated.
SB 120Allow voter who is recognized by election judges to vote without photo identification or affidavit.
SB 134Dates for holding certain elections and filing nominating petitions revised.
SB 165Political advertising taxed.
SB 172The amount any person may contribute to a political action committee limited.
SB 186Notary must witness person signing document.
SB 205Referral to a vote of municipal and county actions.
SB 215Referendum on the beginning of the regular school term.

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