___________________ moved that HB 1140 be amended as follows:

     On page 2 of the printed bill, delete lines 8 to 18 , inclusive, and insert:


             (2)      Complete fifteen credit hours of instruction per semester. The student shall enroll in and complete at least fifteen credit hours of instruction in each consecutive spring and fall term. If the executive director of the Board of Regents determines that a student's failure to enroll or to maintain continued enrollment occurred as a direct result of the student's participation in intercollegiate athletics or of legitimate factors outside the student's control, or has resulted from the student's participation in an activity that in the executive director's judgment provides knowledge or experience that will enhance the student's academic pursuits, the executive director may extend the student's eligibility to participate in the program for up to two additional years, if the student does not enroll in a noneligible institution; and".