HB 1001Election procedures revised.
HB 1002Voter registration documentation revised.
HB 1003Absentee voting requirements revised.
HB 1169Campaign contributions limited.
HJR 1001Private and special laws provision of the constitution proposed for amendment at next general election.
HJR 1002Term limits for United States Senators and Representative repealed.
HJR 1003Legislative article in the constitution proposed for amendment at the next general election.
SB 3Representation areas authorized for school board elections.
SB 11Electronic ballot marking system required and assistance provided.
SB 12Local elections, form of ballot to be used is prescribed.
SB 13Facsimile ballots, publication requirements established.
SB 77Municipal runoff elections, time extended between first election and when the office is filled.
SB 78Initiative and referendum process revised.
SB 93Early presidential primary established.
SB 94Appropriation for early presidential primary.
SB 97The governing body may refer issue to a vote.
SB 118Photo identification required to vote provisions revised.
SB 163Financial statement reporting for political party committees modified.
SB 164Legislators to file campaign reports a week before the general election.

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