Real Property

HB 1008Agricultural land reclassified if converted to nonagricultural use.
HB 1009New classification for agricultural land created.
HB 1066Sex offender residency restrictions.
HB 1068Names of certain parties to be listed in instruments recorded by the register of deeds.
HB 1069Public sale of tax certificates prohibited.
HB 1076Amount of money from unclaimed motor fuel tax refunds for conservation programs increased.
HB 1080Eminent domain restricted.
HB 1093Home sales by state agencies regulated.
HB 1112Property tax exemption created for certain property.
HB 1121Conditional use permits notice of hearing changed.
HB 1128Agricultural land valuation revised.
HB 1129Business incubator real property tax exemption.
HB 1151Real property sales and value adjusted.
HB 1159The business of abstracting defined.
HB 1168Excess tax levy to be imposed on owner-occupied dwelling.
HB 1201Requirements established regarding the acquisition of real property by eminent domain.
HB 1211Real property sales adjusted to assess other real property.
HB 1229Residential real property reclassified.
HB 1232Real property tax assessment freeze revised.
HB 1242Funds transferred from the railroad trust fund to the property tax reduction fund.
SB 66Acquisition of property for water distribution system routes certain exemption allowed..
SB 86Legislative approval needed before the Department of Game Fish and Parks may acquire land.
SB 87Written consent required to advertise or market property on behalf of an owner.
SB 90Approval of plats, procedure revised.
SB 121Utility companies use of railroad rights-of-way, clarified.
SB 127Notice of sale of real property for taxes revised.
SB 153Money from the railroad trust fund transferred to the property tax reduction fund.
SB 155Corporation and limited liability company may be formed for real estate business.
SB 162Conditional use requests provisions revised.
SB 174Trees planted in a township highway right-of-way to remain under certain conditions.
SB 176Manufactured home property taxes prorated when moved.
SB 206Owner-occupied classification for property tax purposes modified.

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