House Commemoratives

HC 1001Robert Cook honored.
HC 1002O'Gorman High School and Corsica Elementary School honored.
HC 1003Barbara Dowling honored.
HC 1004Representative Burt Elliott, the recipient of the 2005 SD Tennis Achievement Award.
HC 1005Tom Craig honored.
HC 1006Commemoration honoring outstanding school administrators of South Dakota.
HC 1007Little Britches and High School Rodeo champions honored.
HC 1008Cedar Shore Resort staff honored.
HC 1009Cassandra Soeffing honored.
HC 1010Commemeoration honoring the life of Charles Kuehl of Canton.
HC 1011Jeffery Willert honored.
HC 1012Commemoration honoring Eric Ransom in basketball.
HC 1013Commemoration honoring Mason Kleinsasser in basketball.
HC 1014Yankton Gazelles girls volleyball team honored.
HC 1015Yankton Gazelles girls cross country team honored.
HC 1016Yankton Bucks cross country team honored.
HC 1017Ernie and Laurel Nemec honored.
HC 1018McKenzie Haley honored.
HC 1019Commemoration honoring the Arlington High School football team.
HC 1020Ruth Nelson honored.
HC 1021Commemoration honoring Red Schultz for his service to the legislature.
HC 1022West Central Trojans High School football program honored.
HC 1023Noelle Rist honored.
HC 1024Pierre Junior Shooters' BB Gun Team honored.
HC 1025Jason Frerichs honored.
HC 1026Murdo honored.
HC 1027Vivian honored.
HC 1028Draper honored.
HC 1029Kerry Konda honored.
HC 10304 Seasons Cooperative honored.
HC 1031Watertown girls gymnastics team honored.
HC 1032Madison Lady Bulldogs honored.
HC 1033Milbank school district honored.
HC 1034Stephanie Cooper and Brianne Nelson honored.
HC 1035Alcester-Hudson elementary school honored.
HC 1036Jean Nelson honored.

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