HB 1008Agricultural land reclassified if converted to nonagricultural use.
HB 1009New classification for agricultural land created.
HB 1025State aid to special education revised.
HB 1027Unemployment insurance wage base and contribution rates revised.
HB 1047Sales and use tax provisions revised related to products and substances associated with the application of pesticides.
HB 1048State tax reporting and remittance requirements revised.
HB 1050Taxation of motor fuel and the refunding of the motor fuel tax revised.
HB 1060The general fund and special education property tax levy for a school district is adjusted.
HB 1069Public sale of tax certificates prohibited.
HB 1076Amount of money from unclaimed motor fuel tax refunds for conservation programs increased.
HB 1091Public Utilities Commission may approve tariff mechanisms.
HB 1097Municipal sales and use tax refund.
HB 1098Swine and cattle semen exempt from sales and use tax.
HB 1106Legislative study of taxes on telecommunications industry.
HB 1110Compensation paid to business for collecting the tax on behalf of the state.
HB 1112Property tax exemption created for certain property.
HB 1122County may transfer a portion of wheel tax to the road district.
HB 1123Game bird feed exempt from sales and use tax.
HB 1128Agricultural land valuation revised.
HB 1129Business incubator real property tax exemption.
HB 1144Tax refund for small geothermal projects.
HB 1151Real property sales and value adjusted.
HB 1154Tax imposed on farm machinery.
HB 1155Local government may regulate sale of tobacco products.
HB 1164Tax imposed on leased motorcycles.
HB 1167Streamlined sale tax agreement tax relief fund created.
HB 1168Excess tax levy to be imposed on owner-occupied dwelling.
HB 1174Business improvement districts modified.
HB 1189Motor vehicles donated to certain groups exempt from federal and state taxes.
HB 1200Bank franchise tax increased.
HB 1206Refund of sales and use tax and contractor's excise tax to the movie industry.
HB 1211Real property sales adjusted to assess other real property.
HB 1226Tax refund expanded for agricultural processing facilities.
HB 1227Coal fired power plant property tax exemption to upgrade pollution control equipment.
HB 1229Residential real property reclassified.
HB 1232Real property tax assessment freeze revised.
HB 1237Tax refunds for elderly and disabled persons.
HB 1242Funds transferred from the railroad trust fund to the property tax reduction fund.
HJR 1004Corporate income tax.
SB 46Taxes on life insurance premiums and annuity considerations revised.
SB 50Limited liability companies and partners personally responsible for certain tax debts.
SB 51Dates pertaining to references to the Internal Revenue Code updated.
SB 52Signature requirement on certain tax applications removed.
SB 67Amnesty for sellers attempting to comply with the streamline sales and use tax agreement.
SB 80Exempt pheasant feed from sales tax.
SB 92Contractor's excise tax refund changed for certain projects.
SB 97The governing body may refer issue to a vote.
SB 111The repeal of the excise tax on telecommunications devices.
SB 127Notice of sale of real property for taxes revised.
SB 130Nine one one telephone surcharge applied to prepaid telephone calling service.
SB 153Money from the railroad trust fund transferred to the property tax reduction fund.
SB 173Exempt dyed and nondyed kerosene from taxation.
SB 176Manufactured home property taxes prorated when moved.
SB 187Rural economic development zones created.
SB 206Owner-occupied classification for property tax purposes modified.

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