Motor Vehicles

HB 1049Motor vehicle license plates, delayed effective date for certain laws.
HB 1057Require booster seats for certain children in motor vehicles.
HB 1084Counties may regulate the operation of certain off-road vehicles in highway ditches.
HB 1107Salvage vehicle definition revised.
HB 1114Motor vehicle license fees exemption for vehicles used to transport children to and from Head Start activities.
HB 1118Failure to stop and eluding a police officer, elements of the crimes modified.
HB 1119Driving under the influence modified.
HB 1122County may transfer a portion of wheel tax to the road district.
HB 1130Temporary supplement lot for use by motor vehicle dealers.
HB 1131Insurance company use of global positioning system devices restricted.
HB 1139Motor vehicle demonstration and in-transit permit use revised.
HB 1163Drivers license revocation and suspension procedure modified.
HB 1164Tax imposed on leased motorcycles.
HB 1189Motor vehicles donated to certain groups exempt from federal and state taxes.
HB 1190Motor vehicle regulation does not apply to a person riding a bike or an animal.
HB 1219Information that a law enforcement officer must give to a person arrested for driving under the influence.
HB 1228Motor vehicle front and rear lamps, time period to be lighted changed.
SB 1Driving under the influence, mandatory withdrawal of bodily substances after arrest.
SB 17Cell phone use by your drivers restricted.
SB 25Motor Carrier regulation transferred to the Department of Revenue and Regulation.
SB 39Biodiesel fuels testing, quality and labeling.
SB 41Motor carrier safety and transportation of hazardous materials references updated.
SB 42Saddlemount motor vehicle combination regulation updated.
SB 61Motor Vehicle Insurance Data Base Task Force created.
SB 103Certain motor vehicles exempt from motor vehicle license fees.
SB 107Manufacturer of motor vehicle definition modified.
SB 114Video screens prohibited in a motor vehicle.
SB 129Motor vehicle recyclers regulated.
SB 138Appointment of agent to receive legal process, revised.
SB 139Impound vehicle for certain driving offenses.
SB 147Motor vehicle tail light modification prohibited.
SB 182Motor vehicle license plate decals, approval and production modified.
SB 183Military veterans distinctive motor vehicle license plates.

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