HB 1011Student wellness center at South Dakota State University expenditure authority increased.
HB 1012Advanced materials processing and joining laboratory addition at the School of Mines and Technology authorized.
HB 1013Appropriation to the Board of Regents for the construction and maintenance of various facilities.
HB 1014Appropriation to Board of Regents to remodel certain athletic facilities at the School of Mines and Technology.
HB 1015Equestrian facility authorized for South Dakota State University.
HB 1020Money reappropriated to state aid to education.
HB 1021Disaster related costs appropriation.
HB 1038Appropriation for physicians and dentists who have complied with the requirements of the tuition reimbursement program.
HB 1055Appropriate money for trade representative services.
HB 1087Northern Crops Institute appropriation.
HB 1089Vietnam War Memorial appropriation.
HB 1090Cross-border students appropriation.
HB 1101Appropriation to settle a claim against an official of a political subdivision.
HB 1103Postsecondary technical institutes appropriation.
HB 1116Prairie dog management.
HB 1124Appropriation to the Department of Tourism and State Development to promote tourism and economic development with Mexico.
HB 1126No admission fee for the Cultural Heritage Center.
HB 1142State library appropriation for digital newspaper project.
HB 1143Wecota Hall renovation appropriation.
HB 1148Postsecondary technical institutes appropriation for heating costs.
HB 1207Corn stove heating refund program.
HB 1221Math education enhanced.
HB 1237Tax refunds for elderly and disabled persons.
HB 1239Water management appropriation.
HB 1240Low income energy assistance appropriation.
HB 1241Sales tax on food refund appropriation.
HB 1242Funds transferred from the railroad trust fund to the property tax reduction fund.
HB 1243Appropriation to reimburse school districts for consolidation.
HB 1244Appropriation to Board of Regents to build instructional building.
SB 2Appropriation to add judgeship.
SB 19The General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2006 revised regarding the Board of Regents and the Department of Corrections.
SB 20Dairy manufacturing plant construction authorized at South Dakota State University.
SB 21Manure separator construction authorized at South Dakota State University.
SB 23Livestock feed storage construction authorized.
SB 26Wildfire suppression appropriation.
SB 27State Fair appropriation.
SB 64Repeal unused statutorily created funds.
SB 65Western Dakota Technical Institute appropriation to repair roof.
SB 70Appropriate money to dakota valley school district.
SB 94Appropriation for early presidential primary.
SB 136State aid to general education local effort modified.
SB 142Attorney general may contract to study open government issues.
SB 143State Fair appropriation.
SB 145Funding provided for tribal colleges to offset costs of non-Indian students attendance.
SB 152National Guard armory construction appropriation.
SB 158Coordination of 911 services appropriation.
SB 160Postsecondary technical institutes heating costs appropriation.
SB 161Renewable energy production incentive for wind power established.
SB 165South Dakota Energy Infrastructure Authority appropriation.
SB 168Career and technical education appropriation.
SB 170Twenty-first Century Education Fund created to increase funding to education.
SB 171Appropriation for energy development.
SB 177Lactation facilities rebate program.
SB 189Fire suppression agreements provisions revised.
SB 198Education funding to assist sparse school districts.
SB 202Energy costs appropriation for K-12 school districts and postsecondary vocational education institutions.
SB 203Statewide sex offender registry appropriation.
SB 204State Conservation Commission appropriation.
SB 205South Dakota Opportunity Scholarships appropriation from 2005 revised.
SB 209The general appropriations act for fiscal year 2007.
SB 210General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2007, revised.

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