HB 1020Money reappropriated to state aid to education.
HB 1023School district radio equipment standards repealed.
HB 1024Director of Vocational Education, appointment function repealed.
HB 1025State aid to special education revised.
HB 1026South Dakota Board of Education membership qualifications revised.
HB 1060The general fund and special education property tax levy for a school district is adjusted.
HB 1061Audit of association of school boards.
HB 1067Resident tuition for members of the armed services.
HB 1079Enrolled student defined.
HB 1090Cross-border students appropriation.
HB 1103Postsecondary technical institutes appropriation.
HB 1140Eligibility for the opportunity scholarships adjusted.
HB 1142State library appropriation for digital newspaper project.
HB 1147High school extracurricular activities, eligibility restricted.
HB 1148Postsecondary technical institutes appropriation for heating costs.
HB 1157South Dakota opportunity scholarship eligibility to South Dakota students who return to the state to attend school.
HB 1160Additional state funding to school districts that offer certain services and opportunities to home school students.
HB 1166Index factor in the state aid to education formula revised.
HB 1175Kindergarten programs expanded.
HB 1176Enrolled students defined.
HB 1182Capital outlay funds may be used for mileage reimbursement.
HB 1193School district cooperative arrangements with other school district for the purpose of interscholastic activities limited.
HB 1194Contraceptives may not be distributed at schools.
HB 1213State aid to education increased for school districts that have enrollment growth.
HB 1214School holiday on Tuesday after Labor Day.
HB 1217Sexual abstinence education.
HB 1220Contractual agreements between certain school districts allowed temporarily.
HB 1221Math education enhanced.
HB 1223Department of Education directed to report certain findings about school funding to the Legislature.
HB 1234All children to attend kindergarten.
HB 1235Compulsory school attendance age increased.
HB 1236South Dakota virtual high school created.
HB 1238Board of Regents may purchase land in Minnehaha County.
HB 1243Appropriation to reimburse school districts for consolidation.
HB 1244Appropriation to Board of Regents to build instructional building.
HB 1247South Dakota National Guard tuition benefits revised.
SB 3Representation areas authorized for school board elections.
SB 29Teacher and administrator preparation programs to be examined.
SB 30State institute fund may be used for other purposes.
SB 70Appropriate money to dakota valley school district.
SB 83The length of time increased for which nationally certified teachers may receive stipends.
SB 88Higher education in-state residency for graduates of certain Bureau of Indian Affairs high schools.
SB 110Students who are truant may not use home school exemption.
SB 117School year to begin after Labor Day.
SB 120State aid to education revised.
SB 134State aid to general education to include aid for sparsity.
SB 136State aid to general education local effort modified.
SB 137Transfer increased of money from education enhancement trust fund to state general fund.
SB 145Funding provided for tribal colleges to offset costs of non-Indian students attendance.
SB 160Postsecondary technical institutes heating costs appropriation.
SB 168Career and technical education appropriation.
SB 169School safety plans to be developed.
SB 170Twenty-first Century Education Fund created to increase funding to education.
SB 172Tuition benefits for nonresident members of the South Dakota National Guard increased.
SB 178School districts reorganized.
SB 181School district consolidation commission created.
SB 193School of Mines and Technology may extend grant.
SB 196Human sexuality to be taught in public schools.
SB 197Governing board for the technical institutes established.
SB 198Education funding to assist sparse school districts.
SB 199Teacher compensation assistance program created.
SB 205South Dakota Opportunity Scholarships appropriation from 2005 revised.

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