HB 1051Notice to a tribe of a child custody proceeding subject to the Indian Child Welfare Act clarified.
HB 1057Require booster seats for certain children in motor vehicles.
HB 1059Parental notification of abuse required.
HB 1066Sex offender residency restrictions.
HB 1079Enrolled student defined.
HB 1094Custodian of files may access own files for discharge of official duties.
HB 1100Home studies standards for child custody and visitation in cases of divorce.
HB 1132Immunity created for reporting prenatal alcohol and substance abuse.
HB 1147High school extracurricular activities, eligibility restricted.
HB 1163Drivers license revocation and suspension procedure modified.
HB 1180Child endangerment and child neglect as criminal offenses.
HB 1230Enact provisions for implementation of federal Indian Child Welfare Act.
HB 1234All children to attend kindergarten.
HB 1235Compulsory school attendance age increased.
SB 8Benefit payments on behalf of minors made to custodian or conservator.
SB 9Beneficiary provisions of the South Dakota Retirement System revised.
SB 17Cell phone use by your drivers restricted.
SB 110Students who are truant may not use home school exemption.
SB 112Joint physical custody of children allowed.
SB 115Mother may breast-feed her child.

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