Local Government

HB 1052References updated to certain federal regulations regarding financial assistance to persons displaced by highway acquisition.
HB 1068Names of certain parties to be listed in instruments recorded by the register of deeds.
HB 1078Bond requirements changed for township clerks and treasurers.
HB 1082Local governments preempted from regulating certain agricultural products.
HB 1101Appropriation to settle a claim against an official of a political subdivision.
HB 1112Property tax exemption created for certain property.
HB 1155Local government may regulate sale of tobacco products.
HB 1170Board of adjustment voting requirement modified.
HB 1196New construction to comply with building code.
SB 12Local elections, form of ballot to be used is prescribed.
SB 32Mosquito control grant program.
SB 97The governing body may refer issue to a vote.
SB 109Statewide mutual aid requests among certain public agencies.
SB 151Local government contribution for construction of armory.
SB 174Trees planted in a township highway right-of-way to remain under certain conditions.
SB 188Governmental entities may not engage in activities that infringe upon free enterprise.
SB 195Municipality to provide sanitary services upon petition.
SJR 1Governmental entities prohibited from selling goods, commodities, and services to the general public.

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