Board of Regents

HB 1011Student wellness center at South Dakota State University expenditure authority increased.
HB 1012Advanced materials processing and joining laboratory addition at the School of Mines and Technology authorized.
HB 1013Appropriation to the Board of Regents for the construction and maintenance of various facilities.
HB 1014Appropriation to Board of Regents to remodel certain athletic facilities at the School of Mines and Technology.
HB 1015Equestrian facility authorized for South Dakota State University.
HB 1067Resident tuition for members of the armed services.
HB 1140Eligibility for the opportunity scholarships adjusted.
HB 1143Wecota Hall renovation appropriation.
HB 1157South Dakota opportunity scholarship eligibility to South Dakota students who return to the state to attend school.
HB 1222Board of Regents to report about intellectual diversity.
HB 1238Board of Regents may purchase land in Minnehaha County.
HB 1244Appropriation to Board of Regents to build instructional building.
HB 1247South Dakota National Guard tuition benefits revised.
SB 19The General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2006 revised regarding the Board of Regents and the Department of Corrections.
SB 20Dairy manufacturing plant construction authorized at South Dakota State University.
SB 21Manure separator construction authorized at South Dakota State University.
SB 22Board of Regents may transfer title to a T-28 experimental aircraft from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology to the Strategic Air and Space Museum.
SB 23Livestock feed storage construction authorized.
SB 29Teacher and administrator preparation programs to be examined.
SB 88Higher education in-state residency for graduates of certain Bureau of Indian Affairs high schools.
SB 145Funding provided for tribal colleges to offset costs of non-Indian students attendance.
SB 172Tuition benefits for nonresident members of the South Dakota National Guard increased.

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