State Aid to Education

HB 1020Money reappropriated to state aid to education.
HB 1025State aid to special education revised.
HB 1160Additional state funding to school districts that offer certain services and opportunities to home school students.
HB 1166Index factor in the state aid to education formula revised.
HB 1176Enrolled students defined.
HB 1213State aid to education increased for school districts that have enrollment growth.
HB 1223Department of Education directed to report certain findings about school funding to the Legislature.
SB 120State aid to education revised.
SB 134State aid to general education to include aid for sparsity.
SB 136State aid to general education local effort modified.
SB 170Twenty-first Century Education Fund created to increase funding to education.
SB 198Education funding to assist sparse school districts.

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