School Districts

HB 1023School district radio equipment standards repealed.
HB 1060The general fund and special education property tax levy for a school district is adjusted.
HB 1079Enrolled student defined.
HB 1090Cross-border students appropriation.
HB 1147High school extracurricular activities, eligibility restricted.
HB 1151Real property sales and value adjusted.
HB 1160Additional state funding to school districts that offer certain services and opportunities to home school students.
HB 1168Excess tax levy to be imposed on owner-occupied dwelling.
HB 1175Kindergarten programs expanded.
HB 1176Enrolled students defined.
HB 1182Capital outlay funds may be used for mileage reimbursement.
HB 1193School district cooperative arrangements with other school district for the purpose of interscholastic activities limited.
HB 1194Contraceptives may not be distributed at schools.
HB 1214School holiday on Tuesday after Labor Day.
HB 1217Sexual abstinence education.
HB 1220Contractual agreements between certain school districts allowed temporarily.
HB 1234All children to attend kindergarten.
HB 1243Appropriation to reimburse school districts for consolidation.
SB 83The length of time increased for which nationally certified teachers may receive stipends.
SB 110Students who are truant may not use home school exemption.
SB 117School year to begin after Labor Day.
SB 151Local government contribution for construction of armory.
SB 169School safety plans to be developed.
SB 178School districts reorganized.
SB 198Education funding to assist sparse school districts.
SB 202Energy costs appropriation for K-12 school districts and postsecondary vocational education institutions.

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