Administrative Rules

HB 1003Absentee voting requirements revised.
HB 1016Renewable energy credit system created.
HB 1017Public Utilities Commission authorized to take certain actions related to federal energy acts.
HB 1029Crossbow use regulated.
HB 1083Game, Fish and Parks rule-making authority restricted.
HB 1096Access to and use of water in certain nonmeandered lakes specified..
HB 1116Prairie dog management.
HB 1145Biotechnology incentive fund created.
HB 1154Tax imposed on farm machinery.
HB 1160Additional state funding to school districts that offer certain services and opportunities to home school students.
HB 1172Revise allocation of nonresident big game hunting licenses.
HB 1173Rule-making authority restricted regarding concealed weapons.
HB 1191Establish lifetime hunting and fishing licenses.
HB 1206Refund of sales and use tax and contractor's excise tax to the movie industry.
HB 1227Coal fired power plant property tax exemption to upgrade pollution control equipment.
HB 1230Enact provisions for implementation of federal Indian Child Welfare Act.
HB 1236South Dakota virtual high school created.
HB 1248Interpreters for deaf regulated.
SB 35Board of Counselor Examiners renamed and rule-making authority revised.
SB 37Fire safety requirements modified.
SB 40Weighing and measuring devices and service agencies regulation updated.
SB 53The date for the consideration of assets for the purpose of long term care eligibility is revised.
SB 62Reclamation surety requirements regarding uranium exploration revised and the Board of Minerals and Environment authorized to adopt rules for the construction, operation, monitoring, and closure of uranium and other in situ leach mines.
SB 74Small business impact statement applies to Department of Game, Fish and Parks.
SB 75Repeal of small business impact statement deleted.
SB 105Financial assurances required for certain feedlot operations.
SB 119Emergency rules, use of procedure clarified.
SB 129Motor vehicle recyclers regulated.
SB 177Lactation facilities rebate program.
SB 185Abortion clinic licensing and regulation.
SB 187Rural economic development zones created.
SB 197Governing board for the technical institutes established.
SB 199Teacher compensation assistance program created.

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