HB 1054The prize certain lotteries may award, increased.
HB 1064Penalty increased for subsequent conviction for stalking.
HB 1066Sex offender residency restrictions.
HB 1095Fictitious name or false date of birth made part of false impersonation.
HB 1104Eavesdropping, elements of the crime revised.
HB 1108Negligent homicide defined.
HB 1118Failure to stop and eluding a police officer, elements of the crimes modified.
HB 1120Operating a snowmobile or boat while under the influence provisions revised.
HB 1134Justifiable use of force.
HB 1149Certain crimes revised.
HB 1150Controlled drugs and substances provisions revised.
HB 1153Prohibited sex act definition expanded.
HB 1180Child endangerment and child neglect as criminal offenses.
HB 1208County jail sentence for certain felons.
HB 1215Abortion prohibited.
SB 28Criminal code revision corrections.
SB 140Sentencing and global positioning system monitoring required for certain sex offenders.
SB 141Additional registration requirements for certain sex offenders.
SB 148Sex offender registry revised.
SB 149Community safety zone created.
SB 150Sex offender registry updated.
SB 156Picketing at funerals prohibited.
SB 159State's attorney's duties regarding dishonored checks clarified.
SB 180Consumer reporting agencies required to provide a security freeze for certain consumers.
SB 191Card game tournaments authorized.
SB 207Sale of products containing pseudoephedrine or ephedrine restricted.
SB 208Sex offender criminal penalties enhanced.

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