HB 1004Records to be maintained by livestock auctions outside the brand inspection area.
HB 1005Revise certain provisions related to cancelled livestock brands.
HB 1006Cattle with out-of-state brands regulated.
HB 1007Livestock character brands provisions revised.
HB 1008Agricultural land reclassified if converted to nonagricultural use.
HB 1009New classification for agricultural land created.
HB 1010Cleanup and update of agricultural statutes.
HB 1047Sales and use tax provisions revised related to products and substances associated with the application of pesticides.
HB 1071State Seed Certification Board membership changed.
HB 1076Amount of money from unclaimed motor fuel tax refunds for conservation programs increased.
HB 1081Parts and labor for agricultural machinery and equipments exempt from sales and use tax.
HB 1082Local governments preempted from regulating certain agricultural products.
HB 1087Northern Crops Institute appropriation.
HB 1098Swine and cattle semen exempt from sales and use tax.
HB 1116Prairie dog management.
HB 1123Game bird feed exempt from sales and use tax.
HB 1128Agricultural land valuation revised.
HB 1154Tax imposed on farm machinery.
HB 1162Person filing false claim of damage from pesticides must pay expenses of investigating the false claim.
HB 1226Tax refund expanded for agricultural processing facilities.
SB 4Feedlot odor regulated.
SB 72Veterinary livestock assistants may perform certain procedures on horses.
SB 79Sales tax on new and used farm machinery repealed.
SB 80Exempt pheasant feed from sales tax.
SB 84Secretary of Agriculture may hold one state fair.
SB 104State Fair to be under the administration of the State Fair Commission.
SB 105Financial assurances required for certain feedlot operations.
SB 116Licensed veterinarian to be present for inspections resulting in removal of certain animals.
SB 122Breeding stock exemption to the Family Farm Act.
SB 124Limit the duration of any probation for certain pesticide application violations.
SB 162Conditional use requests provisions revised.
SB 186Raising of upland game birds defined as an agricultural pursuit.
SB 194Wine redefined for farm wineries.
SCR 7Concurrent resolution requesting the federal government to honor certain state meat inspections.

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