Public Health and Safety

HB 1034Controlled substances list modified.
HB 1041Denial, suspension, or revocation of Emergency Medical Technician certification.
HB 1115Nursing facilities construction authorized for American Indian reservations.
HB 1127South Dakota Gaming Commission may award grants to fund gambling addition treatment.
HB 1132Immunity created for reporting prenatal alcohol and substance abuse.
HB 1155Local government may regulate sale of tobacco products.
HB 1184Health care providers may chose to not provide certain health care services.
HB 1198Standard of care and risk factor evaluation related to abortion.
HB 1202Sexually transmitted diseases identified.
HB 1215Abortion prohibited.
HB 1216Standard of care regarding medical evaluation before an abortion may be performed.
SB 32Mosquito control grant program.
SB 37Fire safety requirements modified.
SB 38Boiler operation certificate inspection fee increased.
SB 40Weighing and measuring devices and service agencies regulation updated.
SB 41Motor carrier safety and transportation of hazardous materials references updated.
SB 42Saddlemount motor vehicle combination regulation updated.
SB 43Explosive material storage regulation updated.
SB 58Gamma hydroxyl butyrate defined.
SB 115Mother may breast-feed her child.
SB 130Nine one one telephone surcharge applied to prepaid telephone calling service.
SB 175Emergency health care for certain rape survivors to be provided.
SB 184Veterans health issues to be reported to Legislature.
SB 185Abortion clinic licensing and regulation.
SB 196Human sexuality to be taught in public schools.
SB 207Sale of products containing pseudoephedrine or ephedrine restricted.

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