State of South Dakota  


Introduced by:     Representatives Nelson, Boomgarden, Burg, Carson, Cutler, Davis, Halverson, Kirkeby, Koistinen, McLaughlin, Noem, Novstrup (David), Rounds, and Sigdestad and Senator Greenfield  

         A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION,  Honoring the friends and citizens of Lake Norden during their town's one hundredth anniversary.

     WHEREAS,  in the fall of 1906 a group of farmers met in the Roisum school house to determine a way to convince the South Dakota Central Railroad Company to service their area. Once the railroad was located, J.L. Wagner platted a townsite on Tuesday, October 15, 1907, and on October 17, 1907, building began in this new area; and

     WHEREAS,  the future for this quaint community of Lake Norden was so bright that the towns of Dolph and Poinsett pulled up stakes and relocated there. This area became known as Lake Norden because Iver C. Gilbertson thought it appropriate to name the town and nearby lake for "Norden er et Saskenlag", a song he enjoyed; and

     WHEREAS,  Lake Norden is now home to four hundred thirty hardy souls. Lake Norden is a town of dreams and a wonderful place to come home to:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED,  by the Eighty-second Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that the friends and citizens of Lake Norden be honored and remembered during their town's centennial to be celebrated July 6-8, 2007.