State of South Dakota  


Introduced by:     Senators Kloucek, Abdallah, Dempster, Heidepriem, Hunhoff, Jerstad, Olson (Ed), Peterson (Jim), and Sutton and Representatives Putnam, Ahlers, Boomgarden, Burg, Carson, Cutler, Dennert, Engels, Faehn, Gassman, Gillespie, Gilson, Hunt, Jerke, Miles, Moore, Novstrup (David), Rounds, and Vehle  

         A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION,  Recognizing and congratulating the Scotland Highlander Football Team for winning the 2006 State Class 9A Football Championship.

     WHEREAS,  the Scotland team overcame much adversity, including many injuries, to get healthy in time to make a run in the playoffs, to achieve an 8-4 overall record, and to become the state champions; and

     WHEREAS,  the team included head coach Bob Graham; assistant coaches Kevin Janish and Joe Walloch; managers John Settje, Carl Evenson, Seth Ireland, Kreg Kepplinger; statisticians Molly Kokesh, Katie Sedlacek, Kyle Behl, and Kelly Sternhagen; cheerleaders Shantel Geiman, Karla Rokusek, Amber Kruse, Ashley Fisher, Natasha Fischer, and Cindy Syrovatka; cheerleader coach Ashley Ulmer; and athletic director Jim Kocer; and

     WHEREAS,  the team members included Mike Kronaizl, Jordan Pravecek, Mark Sayler, Brian Bartlett, Steve Bloch, Trevor Whitt, Chandler Edwards, Cody Ehlke, Dillon Fischer, Tanner Suess, Dustin Barrett, Tyler Grosz, Seth Jerke, Kyle Kepplinger, Jason Vaith, Philip Thiesse, Kyle Stewart, Kellyn Neth, Trey Simantel, Jason Pechous, Gregory Graham, Dexter Grosz, Evan Hoogshagen, Fred Settje, Alvin Running, Levi Roth, and Kelly Gordon:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED,  by the Eighty-second Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that the Scotland Highlander Football Team be congratulated and commended for their commitment to hard work and their dedication to athletic excellence, leading them to win the 2006 State Class 9A Football Championship.