Committee Agenda

Committee:    Senate Judiciary
Room:     413
Date:    Monday, January 29, 2007
Time:    10:00 AM

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         SB 91     provide for an order of joint physical care over certain children whose parents exercise joint legal custody.
             Senators Albers, Abdallah, Gant, Gray, Greenfield, Hanson (Gary), Hoerth, Katus, Kloucek, Nesselhuf, Olson (Ed), Schmidt, and Smidt and Representatives Glenski, Boomgarden, Brunner, Davis, Hunt, Olson (Betty), Olson (Russell), and Street

         SB 106     require certain family members to report sexual abuse to law enforcement authorities, to grant civil immunity for any good faith report, and to provide a penalty for failure to report.
             Senators Napoli and Abdallah and Representatives Van Etten and Howie

         SB 126     provide a defense of mutual mistake to certain adverse possession claims.
             Senators Hanson (Gary), Heidepriem, Lintz, McNenny, Nesselhuf, and Peterson (Jim) and Representatives Rhoden, Halverson, Hargens, Lucas, Moore, Pitts, Sigdestad, Street, and Vehle

         SB 134     revise the time when a petition for rehearing of a cause heard on appeal to the Supreme Court may be served and filed.
             Senator Lintz and Representatives Pederson (Gordon) and Howie

         SB 142     provide for collection of certain workers' compensation defaults by court order.
             Senators Katus, Apa, Hanson (Gary), Jerstad, Kloucek, Koetzle, and Napoli and Representatives Van Norman, Boomgarden, Elliott, Kirkeby, Lucas, Moore, and Sigdestad

         SB 149     establish certain penalties and fines for the employment of illegal aliens.
             Senators Apa, Gant, Napoli, Olson (Ed), and Schmidt (Dennis) and Representatives Howie, Haverly, and Nelson

         HB 1071     revise certain provisions regarding the title of initiated measures and the filing of initiated measures.
             The Committee on Judiciary at the request of the Office of the Attorney General

         HB 1078     allow tribal agencies that provide child welfare services to obtain results from a check of the central registry for abuse and neglect.
             The Committee on Judiciary at the request of the Department of Social Services

         HB 1085     revise certain provisions related to the transfer of title.
             Representatives Dykstra, Gillespie, Hanks, Hills, Moore, and Peters and Senators Bartling, Abdallah, Albers, Heidepriem, Koetzle, Lintz, and Olson (Ed)

         HB 1099     authorize certain domestic limited liability companies and partnerships to be registered agents of foreign corporations.
             Representatives Lust, Cutler, and Moore and Senators Abdallah, Knudson, and Koetzle

NOTE: The above bills will be taken up in this order for a hearing on the date noted. If circumstances do not permit a hearing on this date then a hearing will be held at a future meeting of the committee to be determined by the chair. Action on a bill may come at any time after it has had a hearing.