82nd Legislative Session _ 2007

Committee: House Education
Thursday, February 22, 2007

                                            P - Present
                                            E - Excused
                                            A - Absent

Roll Call
P    Bradford
P    Buckingham
P    DeVries
P    Elliott
P    Gilson
P    Hackl
P    Hills
P    McLaughlin, Vice-Chair
P    Novstrup (Al)
P    Olson (Ryan)
P    Thompson
P    Van Norman
P    Weems
P    Wick
P    Heineman, Chair

OTHERS PRESENT: See Original Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Chair Heineman


Moved by:    Gilson
Second by:    McLaughlin
Action:    Prevailed by voice vote.

         SB 95: establish a State Board of Technical Institutes, to provide for its powers, duties, and responsibilities, and to provide for the transfer of authority over public postsecondary technical education from the Department of Education to the State Board of Technical Institutes.

Presented by:    Representative Jeffrey Haverly
Proponents:    Senator Dave Knudson
        Margie Rosario, Rapid City Area Schools
        Sheryl Kirkeby, Rapid City School District
        Fred Deutsch, Watertown School Board
        Representative Deb Peters
        Bob O'Connell, Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
        Jim Mc Keon, Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce
        David Owen, SD Chamber of Commerce & Industry
        Mitch Richter, Technical Institutes
        Representative Eldon Nygaard
        Rich Gross, Western Dakota Technical Institute, Rapid City
        Representative Bob Faehn
Opponents:    Rick Melmer, Department of Education
        Tad Perry, SD Board of Regents
        Doug Knowlton, Board of Regents

The Chair deferred SB 95 until Friday, February 23, 2007.

         SB 101: establish a governance policy for school boards.

Proponents:    Margie Rosario, Rapid City Area Schools

The Chair deferred SB 101 until Tuesday, February 27, 2007.

         SB 115: revise certain provisions regarding the rule-making authority of the Board of Education.

Presented by:    Senator Tom Dempster
Proponents:    Deb Barnett, Department of Education
        Gera Jacobs, Self
        Bob O'Connell, Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
        Sheryl Kirkeby, Rapid City School District
        Dennis Hook, SD Headstart Assn.
        Wayne Lueders, Associated School Boards of SD
        Donna DeKraai, SDEA
Opponents:    Cindy Flakoll, Concerned Women For America
        Linda Grass, self, Rapid City
        Nancy Lester, Self, Rapid City
        Kitty Werthmann, Eagle Forum

The Chair deferred SB 115 until Friday, February 23, 2007.


Moved by:    Olson (Ryan)
Second by:    Weems
Action:    Prevailed by voice vote.

Jo Ann Nelsen


Committee Secretary
Phyllis M. Heineman, Chair