HB 1008Livestock ownership inspection fee increase permitted.
HB 1009Cancelled character brands registration revised.
HB 1017Coordinated soil and water conservation fund appropriation.
HB 1044Sales and use tax reciprocity on farm equipment.
HB 1074State Fair appropriation.
HB 1112The transportation of fur-bearing animals regulated.
HB 1131Increase the amount of funding for conservation purposes from certain unclaimed motor fuel tax refunds.
HB 1148Conservation officer prohibited from entering private land under the open fields doctrine.
HB 1177Pilot program for transferable landowner big game hunting licenses.
HB 1199Animal identification to be voluntary.
HB 1225Update references to the South Dakota natural resources conservation fund.
HB 1259Revise notification procedures related to prairie dogs on private land.
HB 1304Real property classifications adjusted.
SB 9Concentrated animal feeding operations, water pollution control permit required.
SB 100Appropriate money to the northern crops institute.
SB 102Locations where Round Up Ready alfalfa is planted must be provided to Department of Agriculture.
SB 103Appoint the state Brand Board by district.
SB 121Concentrated animal feeding operations must be bonded.
SB 128Revise provisions related to the Soybean Research and Promotion Council.
SB 145Enforce South Dakota's existing country of origin labeling statute.
SB 173Real property assessment and tax levy revised.
SB 183Sod and plants exempt from tax..
SB 188Prohibit sale or planting of Roundup Ready alfalfa in South Dakota.
SB 194Secretary of Agriculture to be elected.
SB 219Drought tolerance biotechnology research center appropriation.

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