Muncipal Government

HB 1109Disbursement of money to school districts and municipalities.
HB 1110Fines increased for local ordinance violations.
HB 1111Electronic payments may be used by the state and local governments.
HB 1121Revise certain provisions related to the recycling industry.
HB 1125Municipal sewer utility charges,resolutions may be used to set rates.
HB 1126Municipal sewer services authority revised.
HB 1130The minimum bid requirement increased.
HB 1154Business improvement district and noncontiguous property.
HB 1165Hearing and notice provisions to vacate a municipal street or alley.
HB 1183Transporter license plate use revised.
HB 1193Incorporation of municipal government revised.
HB 1210Municipal operation of on-sale or off-sale licenses revised.
HB 1232Create a special development district to permit additional alcoholic beverage licenses.
SB 93Promotional displays by vehicle dealers allowed.
SB 113Legislative decisions of city and county appointed boards are referable.
SB 166Additional off-sale retail liquor licenses.
SB 189Revise provisions related to liquor license transfers.
SB 190Special development districts for alcoholic beverage licenses.
SB 212Rural economic development zone created.

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