HB 1008Livestock ownership inspection fee increase permitted.
HB 1027Temporary snowmobile permits may be issued and fees established.
HB 1028Physician assistant practice updated.
HB 1031Telepharmacy regulated.
HB 1039Board of Barber Examiners fees increased.
HB 1041Cosmetology fees revised.
HB 1085Revise provisions related to recording of real estate transfers.
HB 1089Consideration defined as related to real estate transfer fees.
HB 1097Township appeal filing fee increased.
HB 1135Multistate Highway Transportation Agreement adopted.
HB 1204Special license plates for military veterans, fee payment revised.
HB 1207Practice of independent midwifery created.
HB 1284Telecommunication surcharge fee from wireless services.
HB 1299Authorize lifetime hunting and fishing licenses.
SB 7Ethanol production plant fees for regulatory services.
SB 14Weights and measures inspection fees increased.
SB 19Board of Funeral Service license fee increased.
SB 43Tobacco retailers registered.
SB 63Child support collection fee set.
SB 70Massage therapists regulation revised.
SB 80Dishonored checks, the fee increased to cover costs.
SB 82Sheriff fees changed.
SB 84Fees for weights and measures inspections and testing increased.
SB 92Real estate transfer fee increased.
SB 109Certain motor vehicles used to transport children exempt from license fees.
SB 118Public Utilities Commission to approve tariff mechanisms for the automatic annual adjustment of charges for jurisdictional costs of new environmental measures.
SB 191Motor vehicle recycler regulated.

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