Public Safety

HB 1013State buildings, revised standards for fire resistant construction.
HB 1015Emergency vehicle identification signals revised.
HB 1016Law enforcement and emergency vehicle accident records regulated.
HB 1020Department of Agriculture may contract with fire fighting personnel.
HB 1037Health certification requirement for school personnel changed.
HB 1073Records relating to the purchase of pseudoephedrine, time to keep limited.
HB 1075Wildfire suppression appropriation.
HB 1076Disaster related costs appropriation.
HB 1102Revise certain provisions related to utility negligence claims.
HB 1134Child booster seat requirements updated.
HB 1145Utility right-of -way maintenance.
HB 1162Sale of tobacco products regulated.
HB 1183Transporter license plate use revised.
HB 1189Child passenger restraint requirements changed.
HB 1190Evidence of the failure to wear a safety belt to mitigate damages under certain circumstances.
HB 1197Department of Public Safety to regulate installers of manufactured homes.
HB 1202Require testing of certain military personnel for exposure to depleted uranium.
HB 1207Practice of independent midwifery created.
HB 1270Patient transfer under certain conditions.
HB 1289Negligent kindling of fires, penalties set.
SB 13Motor carrier safety and transportation of hazardous materials references updated.
SB 15Students attending postsecondary educational institutions must be immunized.
SB 24Pipeline safety, references to federal regulations updated.
SB 79Revise boundaries of Black Hills fire protection district.
SB 171Notice required in abortion facilities.
SB 172Printed notice to be read before an abortion is performed.
SB 187Emergency health care for rape victims.
SB 192Community service required of those who vandalize a cemetary.
SB 197Revised Anatomical Gift Act.
SB 206Certificates of birth.
SB 211Interchange of anti-epileptic drugs regulated.

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