Real Property

HB 1060Department of Corrections may purchase property in Rapid City.
HB 1084School district general fund tax levies adjusted.
HB 1085Revise provisions related to recording of real estate transfers.
HB 1087Materials exempt from contractors excise tax.
HB 1089Consideration defined as related to real estate transfer fees.
HB 1122Building codes updated.
HB 1248Property owners to receive notice of a significant increase in assessed valuation.
HB 1274Real property sales values to be used when valuing property.
HB 1289Negligent kindling of fires, penalties set.
HB 1294South Dakota Housing Development Authority housing sales restricted.
HB 1304Real property classifications adjusted.
HB 1308Valuation of real property revised.
SB 10One Call Notification system modified for limited excavation activities.
SB 52Board of Regents appropriation to purchase property in Brookings County.
SB 54Board of Regents may convey real property to fraternities and sororities at South Dakota State University.
SB 55Board of Regents may purchase real property adjacent to South Dakota State University campus.
SB 60Bureau of Administration may purchase certain property in Pierre.
SB 83Eligibility qualifications for an assessment freeze for single-family dwelling revised.
SB 92Real estate transfer fee increased.
SB 96Property tax benefit for disabled veterans.
SB 126Adverse possession defense of mutual mistake.
SB 127Disclosure of lake contamination.
SB 164Real property taxing districts revised.
SB 165Mortgage lenders and brokers regulated.
SB 173Real property assessment and tax levy revised.
SB 185Tax refund appropriation for elderly and disabled persons.
SB 203Local effort related to property taxes adjusted.
SB 212Rural economic development zone created.

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