SJR 1Legislative article, certain provisions revised.
SJR 2Legislative meetings to be open to the public.
SJR 3Term limits for United States senators and representative repealed.
SJR 4Private and special laws provision in constitution updated.
SJR 5Conflict of interest provisions clarified.
SJR 6Appointment of legislators to boards, commissions or other bodies, authority clarified.
SJR 7Legislative term limits increased.
SJR 8Legislator minimum age requirement set at age of majority.
SJR 9Forty day legislative sessions set.
SJR 10Single-member house legislative districts proposed.
SJR 11Initiative and referendum qualified voters to sign petition.
SJR 12Right to work provision repealed.
SJR 13Joint resolution to amend constitution to allow use of cement plant sale revenues for electric transmission lines.
SJR 14Constitutional amendment to combine the offices of State Auditor and State Treasurer.
SJR 15Constitutional amendment relating to the vote required to raise taxes.

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