HB 1058Juveniles placed with the Department of Corrections, authority revised.
HB 1059Child protection records may be shared with certain agencies.
HB 1061Human Papillomavirus vaccination initiative.
HB 1078Certain records relating to abuse and neglect may be released.
HB 1079Child abuse and neglect central registry records check.
HB 1107Abused or neglected child definition to include an unborn child.
HB 1134Child booster seat requirements updated.
HB 1152Central registry for abuse and neglect, due process procedure revised.
HB 1153Child abuse statutory references corrected.
HB 1189Child passenger restraint requirements changed.
HB 1208Juvenile corrections monitor repealed.
HB 1209Reports of the juvenile corrections monitor to be confidential.
HB 1212Implement findings of Indian Child Welfare Act Commission.
HB 1219Sex offender may not enter school grounds.
HB 1250Cochlear implant availability revised.
HB 1254Crime of masturbating in presence of a child established.
HB 1255Expand juvenile monitor duties to include private detention facilities.
HB 1266Home schooled students may open enroll.
HB 1305Allow hunting by certain persons under age 12.
HB 1309Increase the penalty for providing alcohol to a minor.
HB 1311Establish a paternity registry.
SB 12Instruction permit to drive, time period to apply for next license defined.
SB 26Advanced Reading Enhancement Program repealed.
SB 29Students with hearing or vision impairments, certain reporting requirements repealed.
SB 33Kindergarten enrollment requirements modified.
SB 34Enrolled student definition changed.
SB 88Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act adopted.
SB 91Joint physical custody over certain children.
SB 106Family members required to report child abuse.
SB 136Juvenile monitor's report deemed a public record.
SB 168Expand reporting requirements of the Juvenile Corrections Monitor
SB 180Adoption orders from foreign jurisdiction recognized.
SB 199Compulsory attendance age increased.

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