Motor Vehicle

HB 1004Misuse of state vehicle penalty revised.
HB 1015Emergency vehicle identification signals revised.
HB 1016Law enforcement and emergency vehicle accident records regulated.
HB 1027Temporary snowmobile permits may be issued and fees established.
HB 1050Motor vehicle excise tax to be paid.
HB 1081Moter vehicle license plates may be owned.
HB 1103Damage disclosure statement notices to be posted.
HB 1108First offense driving under the influence mandatory counseling.
HB 1120Ignition interlock device may be used.
HB 1133County wheel tax expenditure revised.
HB 1134Child booster seat requirements updated.
HB 1135Multistate Highway Transportation Agreement adopted.
HB 1163Repossessed motor vehicles to be sold without title in the name of the financial institution..
HB 1164Auction agencies may sell government consigned vehicle on the same day as the dealer sales.
HB 1174Motor vehicle sale exempt from excise tax, value increased.
HB 1182Petition to form an ambulance district, requirements changed.
HB 1188Motor vehicle owner not liable for damages when sued by other driver who does not have proof of financial responsibility.
HB 1189Child passenger restraint requirements changed.
HB 1190Evidence of the failure to wear a safety belt to mitigate damages under certain circumstances.
HB 1204Special license plates for military veterans, fee payment revised.
HB 1234Headlamps to be turned on thirty minutes prior to dark.
HB 1297Document racial makeup of persons stopped by law enforcement officers on South Dakota highways.
SB 11Commercial drivers license requirements updated.
SB 13Motor carrier safety and transportation of hazardous materials references updated.
SB 72Possessory lien on motor vehicles to cover costs of towing and storage limited.
SB 93Promotional displays by vehicle dealers allowed.
SB 94Motor vehicle manufacturer to reimburse a consumer for excise tax, license and regulation fees if a vehicle is replaced under lemon laws.
SB 109Certain motor vehicles used to transport children exempt from license fees.
SB 120Lemon law for semi-trucks.
SB 191Motor vehicle recycler regulated.
SB 213Moped owners to have proof of financial responsibility.

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