Professional and Occupational Licensing

HB 1028Physician assistant practice updated.
HB 1030Membership of certain licensing boards changed.
HB 1031Telepharmacy regulated.
HB 1032Dental externship program appropriation.
HB 1033Sanctions imposed for cheating on state achievement test.
HB 1039Board of Barber Examiners fees increased.
HB 1040Cosmetology practice revised.
HB 1041Cosmetology fees revised.
HB 1051Insurance producer license requirements modified.
HB 1056The practice of counseling revised.
HB 1155Wholesale drug distributors regulation revised.
HB 1167Hospitals required to report reimbursement information.
HB 1168Itemized statement of medical charges.
HB 1207Practice of independent midwifery created.
HB 1267Nurse midwife may practice independently.
HB 1275Statute of limitations for real estate appraisers.
HB 1278Emergency medical technicians trained in the administration of epinephrine.
SB 16Chiropractors must be licensed before they can advertise.
SB 17Chiropractors subject to state and federal criminal background checks.
SB 18Chiropractic scope of practice revised.
SB 19Board of Funeral Service license fee increased.
SB 20Baccalaureate degree required to be licensed as a chiropractor.
SB 35Technical profession regulation and licensing revised.
SB 36Technical professions exemption from regulation revised.
SB 37Technical professions provided immunity when responding to an emergency.
SB 43Tobacco retailers registered.
SB 49Marriage and family therapists regulated.
SB 66License may not be renewed if child support is owed.
SB 70Massage therapists regulation revised.
SB 107Apprentice to experienced electrician ratio set.
SB 133Patients to receive an itemized statement of charges.
SB 162Loan forgiveness program for drug counselors.
SB 165Mortgage lenders and brokers regulated.
SB 184Tuition reimbursement appropriation.
SB 191Motor vehicle recycler regulated.
SB 208Tanning bed use regulated.
SB 211Interchange of anti-epileptic drugs regulated.

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