Game, Fish, Parks and Forestry

HB 1020Department of Agriculture may contract with fire fighting personnel.
HB 1022Definition of bait changed.
HB 1023Big game possession revised.
HB 1024Hunting licenses and preference point administrative requirements changed.
HB 1026Unprotected birds defined.
HB 1112The transportation of fur-bearing animals regulated.
HB 1136Authorize special equipment to enable certain disabled persons to engage in bow hunting.
HB 1148Conservation officer prohibited from entering private land under the open fields doctrine.
HB 1177Pilot program for transferable landowner big game hunting licenses.
HB 1178Special nonresident duck hunting permit authorized for certain counties.
HB 1179Big game hunting violation penalty increased.
HB 1235Authorize trapping and hunting of certain furbearers by nonresidents.
SB 138Establish requirements related to certain animal traps.
SB 167Increase the daily bag limit at private shooting preserves.

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