Civil Procedure

HB 1094Admonishment of jurors.
HB 1095Judicial oaths reworded.
HB 1096Civil or criminal actions to be tried in the county where the action is brought.
HB 1102Revise certain provisions related to utility negligence claims.
HB 1105Revise certain provisions related to the use of automated external defibrillators.
HB 1143Year 2000 limitation on liability repealed.
HB 1144Public Utilities Commission contested case hearing procedure revised.
HB 1145Utility right-of -way maintenance.
HB 1147Claims against governmental entities notice requirement clarified.
HB 1185Passenger rail and excursion train service limited liability.
HB 1188Motor vehicle owner not liable for damages when sued by other driver who does not have proof of financial responsibility.
HB 1196Opportunity required to remedy residential construction defects.
HB 1203Garnishment to collect old judgments.
HB 1252Rural electric cooperative director indemnification.
HB 1253Establish a task force to study the collection of certain financial obligations.
HB 1275Statute of limitations for real estate appraisers.
SB 37Technical professions provided immunity when responding to an emergency.
SB 77Exclusive remedy for judgment creditors of limited liability partnerships.
SB 120Lemon law for semi-trucks.
SB 123Sheriffs to receive payment for marshaling assets.
SB 125Abandoned mobile home or manufactured home may be sold under certain conditions.
SB 126Adverse possession defense of mutual mistake.
SB 134Time for petition for rehearing revised.
SB 159Taxpayer subject to audit may present additional evidence.
SB 180Adoption orders from foreign jurisdiction recognized.

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