HB 1010South Dakota Veterans Home nursing care building appropriation for renovation.
HB 1011National Guard Armory in Brookings, appropriation for renovation.
HB 1012Veteran's bonus program appropriation revised.
HB 1017Coordinated soil and water conservation fund appropriation.
HB 1018Pine Beetle control in Custer State Park, appropriation.
HB 1019South Dakota Rodent Control Fund created and activities authorized.
HB 1032Dental externship program appropriation.
HB 1036School district consolidation incentive appropriation.
HB 1060Department of Corrections may purchase property in Rapid City.
HB 1061Human Papillomavirus vaccination initiative.
HB 1062University information technology and security system upgrade appropriation.
HB 1063University information technology appropriation.
HB 1064O'Harra Stadium improvements appropriation.
HB 1065Multi-use storage facility at South Dakota State University appropriation.
HB 1066Services to children diagnosed with low vision, appropriation.
HB 1067Reversion regarding an appropriation to the South Dakota Energy Infrastructure, amended.
HB 1069Liquidated court costs increased.
HB 1070Cold case reward fund created.
HB 1072Driving under the influence and other offenses, sobriety program established.
HB 1074State Fair appropriation.
HB 1075Wildfire suppression appropriation.
HB 1076Disaster related costs appropriation.
HB 1083Dakota Valley School appropriation.
HB 1100Renovate the fourth floor of the State Capitol Building.
HB 1101Board of Regents maintenance and repair appropriation.
HB 1135Multistate Highway Transportation Agreement adopted.
HB 1138Postsecondary technical institutes maintenance and repair appropriation.
HB 1139Education enhancement tobacco tax and health care tobacco tax trust funds created.
HB 1140School district general fund levies adjusted due to funds in the property tax reduction fund.
HB 1142Increase the amounts of the annual awards given to recipients of the South Dakota opportunity scholarship.
HB 1146Education service agencies appropriation.
HB 1159Create a facility equity fund to provide assistance to certain school districts with critical capital construction needs.
HB 1171Teacher compensation assistance program and education service agencies created and an appropriation.
HB 1176Revolving economic development loan fund and other provisions revised.
HB 1192Provide for a study of the potential establishment of a state veterans cemetery.
HB 1205South Dakota Technical Institutes appropriation.
HB 1221Career and technical education appropriation.
HB 1242Reinstated employee entitled to attorney's fees and costs.
HB 1243Tourism promotion districts formed and funded.
HB 1244South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship fiscal year 2007 appropriation adjusted.
HB 1245Water project appropriation.
HB 1246Methamphetamine treatment program appropriation.
HB 1249Teen court program established and funded.
HB 1250Cochlear implant availability revised.
HB 1251Federal funds to the Commissioner of School and Public Lands for Oahe project.
HB 1256General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2007 amended for School and Public Lands Office.
HB 1258Appropriate money for the methamphetamine treatment program.
HB 1263Transfer money to the property tax reduction fund by June 30, 2007.
HB 1268Teach for America appropriation.
HB 1271Appropriate money for drug court program.
HB 1279Establish committee to study funding formula for the state technical institutes.
HB 1281Fiscal Year 2008 General Appropriations Act.
HB 1283Appropriate money to provide funding for the state option under the Family Opportunity Act.
HB 1300School district report card.
HB 1301Rural victims' advocacy services program.
SB 4Legislator salary annual increase.
SB 30Appropriation for costs related to payments to sparse school districts.
SB 31Appropriation to the Dakota Valley School District.
SB 52Board of Regents appropriation to purchase property in Brookings County.
SB 53Engineering building appropriation for South Dakota State University.
SB 55Board of Regents may purchase real property adjacent to South Dakota State University campus.
SB 56Seed technology facility appropriation.
SB 57Straw bale house construction at McCrory Gardens, appropriation.
SB 59General Appropriation Act for fiscal year 2007 revised.
SB 60Bureau of Administration may purchase certain property in Pierre.
SB 67Appropriation repealed regarding distribution of funds.
SB 100Appropriate money to the northern crops institute.
SB 112Reimburse tribal colleges for costs of educating non-Indian students.
SB 116Education budget to be completed by legislative deadline.
SB 117Increase general funding for school districts.
SB 119Pilot program for drug and alcohol abuse treatment.
SB 143Virtual library appropriation.
SB 155Create incentive payments for wind energy development.
SB 156South Dakota Energy Infrastructure Authority appropriation for director and staff.
SB 158State employee supplemental pay.
SB 162Loan forgiveness program for drug counselors.
SB 179Increase the amount of the veterans bonus.
SB 184Tuition reimbursement appropriation.
SB 185Tax refund appropriation for elderly and disabled persons.
SB 204Appropriation to reimburse legal costs incurred while fighting wrongful termination suit.
SB 214Adjust constitutional officers salaries.
SB 218South Dakota Building Authority to provide for improvements to Custer State Park.
SB 219Drought tolerance biotechnology research center appropriation.

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