HB 1042Bundling defined for sales tax.
HB 1043References to the Internal Revenue Code updated.
HB 1044Sales and use tax reciprocity on farm equipment.
HB 1045The time for reporting and remitting taxes revised.
HB 1046Time limit to claim tax refund repealed.
HB 1047Taxation on bundled telecommunications services revised.
HB 1049Purchase price defined.
HB 1050Motor vehicle excise tax to be paid.
HB 1055Exemption certificate for taxes, time period to obtain a certificate revised.
HB 1077Tax imposed on net revenues of intermediate care facilities.
HB 1080Gross receipts defined for sales tax.
HB 1082State aid to education revised.
HB 1084School district general fund tax levies adjusted.
HB 1087Materials exempt from contractors excise tax.
HB 1109Disbursement of money to school districts and municipalities.
HB 1115County auditor to raise additional revenue for education from property taxes under certain circumstances.
HB 1118County sale of tax certificates after July 1.
HB 1128Capital improvement projects for counties, allow the accrual funds to exceed the current limits.
HB 1131Increase the amount of funding for conservation purposes from certain unclaimed motor fuel tax refunds.
HB 1133County wheel tax expenditure revised.
HB 1135Multistate Highway Transportation Agreement adopted.
HB 1140School district general fund levies adjusted due to funds in the property tax reduction fund.
HB 1151Sale of coins exempt from tax.
HB 1154Business improvement district and noncontiguous property.
HB 1159Create a facility equity fund to provide assistance to certain school districts with critical capital construction needs.
HB 1174Motor vehicle sale exempt from excise tax, value increased.
HB 1181Sales tax on political advertising.
HB 1184Gross receipts tax to be distributed to schools.
HB 1187Owner-occupied property tax abatement for person in the military.
HB 1211Owner-occupied classification deadline extended.
HB 1214Tax compacts between the state and Indian tribes.
HB 1228Cigarette tax stamps may be sent by registered mail.
HB 1229Tobacco tax revised.
HB 1248Property owners to receive notice of a significant increase in assessed valuation.
HB 1262Property tax exemption for power generating facilities.
HB 1263Transfer money to the property tax reduction fund by June 30, 2007.
HB 1274Real property sales values to be used when valuing property.
HB 1284Telecommunication surcharge fee from wireless services.
HB 1292Tax collection agreements with Indian tribes.
HB 1304Real property classifications adjusted.
HB 1308Valuation of real property revised.
SB 38Tax refund program definition for expansion of an existing building revised.
SB 40Bank franchise tax distribution process changed.
SB 41Unpaid cigarette taxes, procedure to assess and collect revised.
SB 42Tobacco distributor discount and tobacco stamp procedure revised.
SB 46Fraternal benefit societies tax exempt and licensure status revised.
SB 69State aid funding for education in the state revised.
SB 71References to obsolete accounting funds repealed.
SB 83Eligibility qualifications for an assessment freeze for single-family dwelling revised.
SB 96Property tax benefit for disabled veterans.
SB 105School district general fund levies adjusted due to funds from the property tax reduction fund.
SB 154Energy transmission fund, increase in sale tax dedicated.
SB 159Taxpayer subject to audit may present additional evidence.
SB 164Real property taxing districts revised.
SB 173Real property assessment and tax levy revised.
SB 183Sod and plants exempt from tax..
SB 185Tax refund appropriation for elderly and disabled persons.
SB 201Sales and use tax reduced for food.
SB 203Local effort related to property taxes adjusted.
SB 205Energy production incentives.
SB 212Rural economic development zone created.
SB 216County gross receipts tax authorized.
SJR 15Constitutional amendment relating to the vote required to raise taxes.

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