Department of Corrections

HB 1057Judgment of conviction, certain information required.
HB 1058Juveniles placed with the Department of Corrections, authority revised.
HB 1059Child protection records may be shared with certain agencies.
HB 1060Department of Corrections may purchase property in Rapid City.
HB 1208Juvenile corrections monitor repealed.
HB 1255Expand juvenile monitor duties to include private detention facilities.
HB 1258Appropriate money for the methamphetamine treatment program.
HB 1294South Dakota Housing Development Authority housing sales restricted.
SB 50Parole eligibility revised.
SB 51Director of the Board of Pardons and Paroles may delegate certain functions.
SB 59General Appropriation Act for fiscal year 2007 revised.
SB 119Pilot program for drug and alcohol abuse treatment.
SB 168Expand reporting requirements of the Juvenile Corrections Monitor

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