Criminal Procedure

HB 1057Judgment of conviction, certain information required.
HB 1058Juveniles placed with the Department of Corrections, authority revised.
HB 1068Criminal penalty revised for perjury.
HB 1069Liquidated court costs increased.
HB 1070Cold case reward fund created.
HB 1072Driving under the influence and other offenses, sobriety program established.
HB 1091Magistrate court may administer adult probation drug programs.
HB 1092Court services officers' duties revised.
HB 1094Admonishment of jurors.
HB 1095Judicial oaths reworded.
HB 1096Civil or criminal actions to be tried in the county where the action is brought.
HB 1148Conservation officer prohibited from entering private land under the open fields doctrine.
HB 1160Physician involvement in the execution of a sentence of death, repealed
HB 1161First degree robbery, crime elements revised.
HB 1175Death penalty by lethal injection revised.
HB 1195Death penalty repealed and life imprisonment imposed.
HB 1253Establish a task force to study the collection of certain financial obligations.
HB 1271Appropriate money for drug court program.
SB 50Parole eligibility revised.
SB 161Death penalty repealed.
SB 192Community service required of those who vandalize a cemetary.

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