HB 1005Reporting requirements for sex offense victims.
HB 1068Criminal penalty revised for perjury.
HB 1070Cold case reward fund created.
HB 1072Driving under the influence and other offenses, sobriety program established.
HB 1123Parental rights terminated upon conviction of rape or incest.
HB 1124Solicitation to commit a crime added to list of crimes affecting parole eligibility.
HB 1132Counties may increase certain penalties for county ordinance violations.
HB 1149Prohibit the firing of a firearm at any school building, vehicle, or premises.
HB 1161First degree robbery, crime elements revised.
HB 1195Death penalty repealed and life imprisonment imposed.
HB 1200Multiple violations for disorderly conduct penalty increased.
HB 1219Sex offender may not enter school grounds.
HB 1222Petitions for protection orders procedure clarified.
HB 1254Crime of masturbating in presence of a child established.
HB 1271Appropriate money for drug court program.
HB 1289Negligent kindling of fires, penalties set.
SB 106Family members required to report child abuse.
SB 137Nonresident petition circulators may not be paid on a per signature basis.
SB 193Elderly person abuse prohibited.
SB 196Smoking prohibited in bars.

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