HB 1109Disbursement of money to school districts and municipalities.
HB 1110Fines increased for local ordinance violations.
HB 1111Electronic payments may be used by the state and local governments.
HB 1115County auditor to raise additional revenue for education from property taxes under certain circumstances.
HB 1118County sale of tax certificates after July 1.
HB 1121Revise certain provisions related to the recycling industry.
HB 1127County commissioner salaries regulated.
HB 1128Capital improvement projects for counties, allow the accrual funds to exceed the current limits.
HB 1130The minimum bid requirement increased.
HB 1132Counties may increase certain penalties for county ordinance violations.
HB 1178Special nonresident duck hunting permit authorized for certain counties.
HB 1264County sewer utility system authorization.
SB 82Sheriff fees changed.
SB 113Legislative decisions of city and county appointed boards are referable.
SB 135Sheriff salary increased.
SB 153County officials suspended when charged with a crime.
SB 181Off-sale wine licenses may be issued by county.
SB 189Revise provisions related to liquor license transfers.
SB 212Rural economic development zone created.
SB 216County gross receipts tax authorized.

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