___________________ moved that SB 174 be amended as follows:

     On page 2, line 2, of the printed bill, delete everything after " . " and insert " Any parties who are united in interest or representation shall unite in the filing of an affidavit for change of hearing examiner under the provisions of §  1-26D-10. The filing of such affidavit by one party is deemed to be filed by all of the parties. No more than one change of hearing examiner may be granted on request or affidavit made by or on behalf of the same party or parties united in interest under the provisions of §  1-26D-10. However, the filing of an affidavit and the first change of hearing examiner does not prevent any other party to the action or any party's attorney from obtaining a change in hearing examiner upon a showing of an unacceptable risk of actual bias or prejudice concerning a party. ".

     On page 2, delete line 3.