State Affairs and Government

Bill Title
HB 1065 revise certain provisions regarding the 24/7 sobriety program.
HB 1111 revise the responsibilities of the Corrections Commission and to require an annual report of Corrections Commission activities.
HB 1123 establish a state renewable and recycled energy objective and to provide certain reporting requirements.
HB 1127 establish a loan repayment program for veterinarians and to make an appropriation therefor.
HB 1154 require an opportunity for public testimony at public meetings.
HB 1175 provide partial reimbursement to legislators for constituent services.
HB 1205 make annual salary increases for legislators consistent with annual increases for other state officials and employees.
HB 1206 increase the salaries of legislators.
HB 1218 increase the maximum allowable outstanding amount of bonds issued by the Health and Educational Facility Authority on behalf of the four technical institutes.
HB 1233 bring transparency to state spending by requiring the Bureau of Finance and Management to create a website making certain state government information available to the public.
HB 1246 provide for a public records dispute resolution procedure.
HB 1250 increase the salary for legislators.
HB 1280 revise certain provisions regarding public records and public meetings.
HB 1286 provide for legislative redistricting by a bipartisan, nonlegislative commission.
HJR 1003 To propose a constitutional amendment to repeal certain reimbursement restrictions for travel by legislators to and from a legislative session.
HJR 1004 To propose a constitutional amendment to provide for a maximum of forty legislative days each year.
SB 19 revise certain provisions regarding the duties of the executive director of the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority.
SB 54 revise certain provisions regarding the duties and reporting requirements for the South Dakota Energy Infrastructure Authority.
SB 61 increase the tax on alcoholic beverages, to dedicate the revenue from such tax increase, to create the South Dakota Teen Court Commission, and to create the South Dakota Commission on Equal Access to Our Courts.
SB 80 restrict the release or use of social security numbers by the state and its political subdivisions unless certain security measures are taken.
SB 89 direct the State-Tribal Relations Committee to hold hearings on certain issues related to Native American health care.
SB 90 provide for voluntary limitations on campaign spending for legislative office.
SB 106 limit state expenditures.
SB 153 authorize the Governor to enter the Midwestern Regional Higher Education Compact and the Western Regional Education Compact, and to provide for the appointment of resident members to both commissions.
SB 170 authorize a loan from the REDI fund for the purpose of constructing an equine processing facility.
SB 171 establish the ranching development livestock loan program.
SB 176 authorize the Legislative Research Council to remodel, renovate, and furnish certain facilities on the fourth floor of the State Capitol Building for use by the Legislature, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency.
SB 186 revise certain provisions regarding public records.
SB 199 revise certain provisions concerning public meetings.
SB 203 appropriate money for the ordinary expenses of the legislative, judicial, and executive departments of the state, the expenses of state institutions, interest on the public debt, and for common schools.
SJR 1 Proposing a constitutional amendment to eliminate term limits for legislators.

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