2017 Session Laws


EXO 2017-02


Executive Reorganization Order No. 2017-02

    WHEREAS, Article IV, Section 8, of the constitution of the state of South Dakota provides that, "Except as to elected constitutional officers, the Governor may make such changes in the organization of offices, boards, commissions, agencies and instrumentalities, and in allocation of their functions, powers and duties, as he considers necessary for efficient administration. If such changes affect existing law, they shall be set forth in executive orders, which shall be submitted to the Legislature within five legislative days after it convenes, and shall become effective, and shall have the force of law, within ninety days after submission, unless disapproved by a resolution concurred in by a majority of all the members of either house"; and

    WHEREAS, this executive order has been submitted to the 92nd Legislative Assembly on the 4th legislative day, being the 13th day of January, 2017;

    IT IS, THEREFORE, BY EXECUTIVE ORDER, directed that the executive branch of state government be reorganized to comply with the following sections of this order.


    Section 1. This executive order shall be known and may be cited as the "Executive Reorganization Order 2017-02".

    Section 2. Any agency not enumerated in this order, but established by law within another agency which is transferred to a principal department under this order, shall also be transferred in its current form to the same principal department and its functions shall be allocated between itself and the principal department as they are now allocated between itself and the agency within which it is established.

    Section 3. "Agency" as used in this order shall mean any board, authority, commission, department, bureau, division or any other unit or organization of state government.

    Section 4. "Function" as used in this order shall mean any authority, power, responsibility, duty or activity of an agency, whether or not specifically provided for by law.

    Section 5. Unless otherwise provided by this order, division directors shall be appointed by the head of the department or bureau of which the division is a part, and shall be removable at the pleasure of the department or bureau head, provided, however, that both the appointment and removal of division directors shall be subject to approval by the Governor.

    Section 6. It is the intent of this order not to repeal or amend any laws relating to

functions performed by an agency, unless the intent is specifically expressed in this order or unless there is an irreconcilable conflict between this order and those laws.

    Section 7. If a part of this order is invalid, all valid parts that are severable from the invalid part remain in effect. If a part of this order is invalid in one or more of its applications, the part remains in effect in all valid applications.

    Section 8. Except when inconsistent with the other provisions of this order all rules, regulations and standards of the agencies involved in executive reorganization in effect on the effective date of this order, shall continue with full force and effect until they are specifically altered, amended, or revoked in the manner provided by law, unless the statutory authority for such rules is superseded by this order.

    Section 9. It is hereby declared that the sections, clauses, sentences and parts of this executive order are severable, are not matters of mutual essential inducement, and any of them may be excised by any court of competent jurisdiction if any section, clause, sentence or part of this executive order would otherwise be unconstitutional or ineffective.

    Section 10. In the event that it has been determined that a function of a transferred agency, which has not been eliminated by this order, and its associated records, personnel, equipment, facilities, unexpended balances or appropriations, allocations or other funds have not been clearly allocated to an agency, the Governor shall specify by interim procedures the allocation of the function and its associated resources. At the next legislative session following the issuance of such interim procedures, the Governor shall make recommendations concerning the proper allocation of the functions of transferred agencies which are not clearly allocated by this order. Any interim procedures issued in conjunction with this section shall be filed with the Secretary of State.

    Section 11. The rights, privileges and duties of the holders of bonds and other obligations issued, and of the parties to contracts, leases, indentures, and other transactions entered into, before the effective date of this order, by the state or by any agency, officer, or employee thereof, and covenants and agreements as set forth therein, remain in effect, and none of those rights, privileges, duties, covenants, or agreements are impaired or diminished by abolition of an agency in this order. The agency to which functions of another agency are transferred is substituted for that agency and succeeds to its rights and leases, indentures, and other transactions.

    Section 12. No judicial or administrative suit, action or other proceeding lawfully commenced before the effective date of this order by or against any agency or any officer of the state, in his official capacity or in relation to the discharge of his official duties, shall abate or be affected by reason of the taking effect of any reorganization under the provisions of this order. The court may allow the suit, action or other proceeding to be maintained by or against the successor of any agency or any officer affected by this order.

    Section 13. If any part of this order is ruled to be in conflict with federal requirements which are a prescribed condition to the receipt of federal aid by the state, an agency or a political subdivision, that part of this order has no effect and the Governor may by executive order make necessary changes to this order to receive federal aid, and the changes will remain in effect until the last legislative day of the next legislative session or until the Legislature completes

legislation addressed to the same question, whichever comes first.

    Section 14. Pursuant to § 2-16-9, the Code Commission and Code Counsel of the Legislative Research Council are requested to make the name and title changes necessary to correlate and integrate the organizational changes made by this Executive Reorganization Order into the South Dakota Codified Laws.

    Section 15. Any provisions of law in conflict with this order are superseded.

    Section 16. Whenever a function is transferred by this order, all personnel, records, property, unexpended balances of appropriations, allocations or other funds utilized in performing the function are also transferred by this order.

    Section 17. The effective date of this Executive Reorganization Order #2017-01 shall be ninety days after its submission to the Legislature.

Division of Securities and Division of Insurance Combined

    Section 18. The Division of Securities and its functions established in chapters 37-5B, 37-25A, and 47-31B are hereby transferred to the Division of Insurance.

    Section 19. Pursuant to § 2-16-9, the Code Commission and Code Counsel of the Legislative Research Council are requested to amend the following sections by deleting references to "Division of Securities" and inserting "Division of Insurance."

37-5B-1; 37-5B-5; 37-5B-44; 37-24-5.2; 37-25A-1; 37-25A-3; 37-25A-4; 37-25A-5; 37-25A-8; 37-25A-9; 37-25A-11; 37-25A-12; 37-25A-13; 37-25A-18; 37-25A-19; 37-25A-20; 37-25A-22; 37-25A-23; 37-25A-25; 37-25A-26; 37-25A-27; 37-25A-28; 37-25A-29; 37-25-30; 37-25A-31; 37-25A-32; 37-25A-33; 37-25A-34; 37-25A-35; 37-25A-36; 37-25A-41; 37-25A-42; 37-25A-44; 37-25A-45; 58-28-31

    Section 20. That § 1-37-21 be amended to read as follows:

    1-37-21. Administrative functions performed for subordinate divisions. The Department of Labor and Regulation shall, under the direction and control of the secretary of labor and regulation, perform all administrative functions (as defined in § 1-32-1) of the following divisions:

    (1)    The Division of Banking, created by chapter 51A-2;
    (2)    The Division of Securities;
The Division of Insurance, created by chapter 58-2.

    This section does not apply to the special budgetary functions (as defined in § 1-32-1) of the State Banking Commission created by chapter 51A-2.

    Section 21. That § 1-37-16 be repealed.

    Section 22. That § 1-47-8 be repealed.

     Dated this 13th day of January, 2017


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